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How can carton companies expand business opportunities?

November 17, 2021

Latest company news about How can carton companies expand business opportunities?

In recent years, the country has continued to increase its environmental protection, and the promotion of policies such as the "ban on waste" and "ban on plastics" has accelerated the green transformation of packaging. At the same time, due to the development of e-commerce and the upgrading of national consumption, people's consumption mentality is also changing. This is reflected in the carton packaging, which is mainly reflected in the increasing requirements of users for the quality of the carton, the sophisticated degree of printing, and the personalized design. 

latest company news about How can carton companies expand business opportunities?  0


These changes, from downstream terminal consumer brands to upstream supply end, have caused profound changes in the entire packaging industry chain, and product upgrades and iterations have entered the fast lane.

In this situation, it is particularly important to strengthen the interaction of the entire packaging industry chain. To this end, Reed Exhibitions cooperated with the "United Nations" WPO of the world's packaging industry to carefully build the WEPACK World Packaging Industry Expo, which truly covers the entire packaging industry chain, enables "zero distance" communication between upstream and downstream, and promotes effective docking of the needs of both parties. , To expand business opportunities.


The audience of WEPACK World Packaging Industry Expo includes a large number of carton factories and packaging factories, as well as many well-known terminal consumer brands, as well as industry contacts brought by many associations and media. Exhibitors can directly contact more buyers who have the final purchasing decision-making power through the exhibition, understand market demand, and quickly adapt and respond to seize opportunities. The audience meets procurement needs, increases revenue and reduces expenditure, and meets more peers to expand new business areas.

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