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Over the years, our company has always adhered to the quality policy of "high-quality products, professional services", strictly in accordance with the requirements of the "Quality Management System-Requirements", standardized operation and management, and effectively improved product quality on the basis of full participation. Improve the company's quality goals and take the path of sustainable development. Every year, the certification center supervises and audits our company's quality management system to confirm the effectiveness of our company's quality management system.

In particular, our company attaches great importance to the optimization of business processes, and continuously improves the processes involving the collection, transformation, and processing of customer information, to product independent research and development, procurement, production, inspection, and delivery, reducing unnecessary links. Improve the company's overall operating efficiency and enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness. Through annual customer audits, supervision and audits by third-party certification agencies, and the company’s own internal audits, management reviews and other quality activities to evaluate the adequacy, propaganda, and effectiveness of the quality management system, and to discover problems or potential problems in a timely manner, It implements corresponding corrective and preventive measures until the verification measures are effective.

  • Rino Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd
    Standard: CE
    Number: 3120200182
    Issue Date: 2020-01-01
    Expiry Date: 2025-01-01
    Scope/Range: EN 60204-1
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